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How to link Tactiq transcripts to Pipedrive contacts
How to link Tactiq transcripts to Pipedrive contacts

Link your meeting details, conversation highlights and transcripts to Pipedrive contacts

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With the Pipedrive Integration, you can easily streamline your team’s post-meeting workflows and link Tactiq transcriptions to contacts or deals in Pipedrive. So you can:

  • Keep your Pipedrive contacts up-to-date with the latest meeting information (participants, transcripts, notes, highlights)

  • Share meeting notes across your Revenue team by saving the transcription to the relevant deal/contact

  • Find each contacts transcriptions from past conversations to catch up on deal details

Here’s how to set up the Tactiq-Pipedrive integration

Install the Tactiq extension

Install the Tactiq Chrome Extension here.

Run a meeting with Tactiq

Run a sales meeting using the Tactiq extension activated to transcribe the meeting on Google Meet or Zoom-web.

Activate the Pipedrive Integration

  1. Go to the Pipedrive Integrations page and click Connect

  2. Go through the set-up wizard to connect Tactiq to your Pipedrive account

Link the transcript to a contact in Pipedrive

It takes one click to link a transcript to a contact in your Pipedrive CRM.

  1. In your Tactiq widget (during the meeting) or Tactiq account page (post-meeting), click the Share button, then select Pipedrive

  2. Pick a contact from the list to save the transcription to

This saves your leads' conversation transcript to that contact and deal. These will automatically appear as an notes activity in the Pipedrive deal activity feed, like this:

Hope you love it! Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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