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Understanding Tactiq plans and pricing
Understanding Tactiq plans and pricing

Find which plans are suited to you or your team

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Not sure which tactiq plan to choose for you or your team? This article will help you to make the right choice.

✏️ Take a look at this page to review our plans & pricing.

We believe you should have the opportunity to try Tactiq and its core functionality without any time restrictions. That's why we have a Free plan - it allows you to get a feel for using Tactiq and the value it can add to your meetings and team.

When you start to feel the need to upgrade because you require more meetings transcribed than the 10 available on our free plan, you can choose to try Tactiq Pro. This unlocks unlimited transcriptions, powerful integrations with tools like Slack, Salesforce, Confluence and Dropbox plus more productivity-enhancing features.

But as teams grow in how they use Tactiq and more team members need access to Tactiq pro accounts, it makes sense for teams to switch to a team plan.

Our team plans allow you to organise a team's bill under one license, managing each team member's access. It's a simpler way to manage how your team uses Tactiq. Our team plans also unlock team-sharing features to enable seamless sharing of Tactiq-captured information and transcriptions, with collaboration tools and integrations for teams.

How do I know which plan to pick?

You may use Tactiq's Free plan as long as you want with a 10 meetings/month limit. There are no limits to how many team members can have a free Tactiq account because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to try Tactiq for themselves. Any team members you add to your team will automatically start on our Free Plan unless you select otherwise.

Pro plan is the most popular plan for individuals, freelancers, sole consultants and remote workers who don't work in team environments. With unlimited meetings and tools like screenshots and video recording, you get access to Pro tools that more effectively capture in-meeting information so you can take action on it.

  • Billed monthly or yearly

  • Cancel any time

  • Key features: all the Free plan features + unlimited meetings, screenshots, video recording, speaker ID, auto-highlights, custom tags, basic team collaboration

Our Team plan is perfect if you have 2 or more Tactiq users in your team. Your team gets access to advanced collaboration features and integrations to your team's everyday tools (Team Google Drives, Dropbox, Quip, Salesforce + many more) to make sharing Tactiq-information just a few clicks.

  • Billed monthly or yearly

  • Key features: all the Pro plan features + advanced team collaboration, team folders, security controls, admin analytics, API access, analytics, advanced search, team engagement

Who do I pay for in Tactiq?

In Tactiq you only pay for team members or individuals who have a Pro account or Team account in your team. You can still have team members on Free Plans in your team account, including having a mix of Free and Pro plans across the team. If you upgrade to a team account, all team members will require a paid team seat (license) to get access to the full suite of team features.

A team's Tactiq subscription can be managed by one admin user (who must have a paid Team plan) with centralised billing. The admin user has oversight over each team member's plan type, all of which are included in one bill (if monthly) or billed to the admin (if yearly).

You can see the status of your team member's Plans (Free, Pro or Team) in your team's workspace accessed through the admin's account.

How is our Free plan different from our paid plans?

Our Free plan is the starting point for most Tactiq users. It includes:

  • Tactiq transcription for 10 meetings each month

  • basic integrations

  • meeting engagement

  • highlights

  • save in-call chat messages

The main difference between the Free and paid plans is that users can only transcribe 10 meetings each month with Tactiq on the Free plan, and paid plans have increasing number of AI credits available.

Paid plans also include productivity-boosting tools for your team:

  • Screenshots

  • Video recording

  • Auto-highlights for questions and tagged items

  • custom tags

  • Team collaboration

  • Team folders (team plan)

  • Security controls (team plan)

  • Team engagement (team plan)

  • Analytics (team plan)

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I share transcriptions with my team without a paid plan?

    Yes, you can still share transcriptions with your team on Free plans via a link or the share function.

  2. Is there any other way I can access more credits in a month if I run out of meetings on my Free plan?

    Yes, you're able to access 5 additional free meetings for a month by inviting a friend to try Tactiq via their email or with your personal invitation link.

  3. I'm an individual/sole-employee/freelancer/consultant - which plan is best for me?

    If you don't work in a team environment, our Pro plan has all the productivity features an individual worker needs for unlimited meetings each month.

  4. How can I manage my team's bill centrally in my account?

    Add your team members to your team workspace by following these instructions.

  5. How do I find which plan I am currently on?

    If you head to your subscription page in your Tactiq account, it will display which plan you are currently on.

  6. Where can I review Prices?

    You can find our pricing here.

  7. Who do I speak to about an Enterprise Tactiq plan?

    Reach out to our team at [email protected] to get in touch about enterprise plans.

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