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Types of roles in your Tactiq Team
Types of roles in your Tactiq Team
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Roles determine what people can see and do in your Team. There are administrative roles that are designed for people who are responsible for managing accounts and settings in Teams.

Roles in Tactiq Teams

Team admin

Primary admin who can remove, upgrade and downgrade members. The team admin has permission to assign roles to other members. For example, there can be more than one team administrator among the team members.

Billing admin

The billing admin has access to the billing information. They can update billing details and download invoices.


This is a default role in the team. Users can record transcripts plus they can collaborate edit, highlight or leave notes for meetings on meetings that were shared with the team (Team Folder).

Read-only collaborator

Users can record transcripts and share them with the team, but do not have access to edit or highlight transcripts that are located in Team Folder. To downgrade the user from Collaborator to Read-only collaborator remove the "Collaborator" role.

How to assign a role

You need to be a team admin in order to change someone else's role.

  1. Open Team page

  2. Click on down button and select a new role for that user. Changes are applied automatically.

More about team in Managing your team in Tactiq article.

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