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Upload transcript to Tactiq
Upload transcript to Tactiq

How to import existing transcript to Tactiq

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You can now import transcript files into Tactiq! There is an import button at the top of the Transcripts page which will open the file uploader.

We currently support the following file types:

  • VTT

  • TXT

  • Audio (coming soon)

  • Video (coming soon)

Upload a Transcript file

In this uploader, you can add in the meeting title and the date and time the meeting happened, if nothing is set the date will be set to the date you uploaded the file.

Once your file is uploaded you will be taken to that transcript and have access to it from the Transcripts page.

Congratulations! You have uploaded your VTT file to Tactiq! You can now use all the benefits of Tactiq AI like the meeting summary on this transcript.

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