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Tactiq's Notion integration
Tactiq's Notion integration

How to set-up Tactiq's Notion integration to save and share transcriptions in Notion

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Use Notion for your docs or team? We get it. We ❤️ Notion too.

Automatically save meeting participants, duration, highlights and transcriptions in Notion (for yourself or the team). It's as easy as:

a) Setting up the integration with a few clicks.

b) Clicking to share the transcription to Notion.

Set-up the Notion integration

  1. Head to and login into your Tactiq account

  2. Go to the Integrations page

  3. Click on Notion, then click +connect

  4. Go through set-up wizard to connect Tactiq to your Notion account (make sure to select all the possible pages you may want to save Tactiq to - including Team Pages)

Share transcriptions or highlights to a Notion page

  1. In the Google Meet, open the Tactiq widget and click the share button

  2. Select what you want to share from: Meeting Details, Highlights, Transcript. Then click create a page in Notion (your Notion integration must be connected first or you'll be asked to set this up)

    Tactiq Notion Integration

  3. Choose a page to share the transcription to:

  4. Success! Click open to go to the page in Notion, or you can access the page in your Notion (where you saved it) and share however you like

    Finding your Tactiq's in Notion

    save transcript to Notion

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