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How to transcribe an online meeting in Google Meet
How to transcribe an online meeting in Google Meet

Save Google Meet Captions with Tactiq

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Work is transforming in an unprecedented way and remote meetings have become a key component of people's daily workflow. In fact, 20% of an employee's time is spent *looking* for information. Tactiq For Google Meet helps you and your team to save the transcription of Google Meet meetings and highlight key points in real-time.

Initial setup:

Install Tactiq Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store or Edge Marketplace and log in with the account where you'd like to save the transcript to.

Step 1: Join Google Meet meeting

Join your Google Meet as you usually do.

Step 2: Start talking.

Tactiq will be turned on and will start working. The Google doc with the transcript will be automatically created and saved in "Tactiq Transcription" folder in your Google Drive.

Step 3: Get your Google Doc

In a few seconds after the transcription is in Tactiq widget you'll see a link to Google Doc inside the widget. This means the Google Doc is ready and the transcription is being saved as you speak.

The GDoc is created in your Google Drive in "Tactiq Transcript" folder.

Step 4: Build a document summary

Click on any quotes in the widget to highlight them and bring them to the top of the document. This helps you save your reading time after the meeting and share the meeting outcomes.

Step 5: Get the email with the link

When the meeting is finished you'll receive a link to the transcript

Instant email with the transcript of the meeting

The full list of saved transcripts can be found on Transcripts page

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