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Translate Google Meet captions and save a translated transcript
Translate Google Meet captions and save a translated transcript

Learn how to translate Google Meet captions in real-time and save the translated transcription with Tactiq

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You might have google meet meetings or classes with speakers in English, but your native language is Spanish, Portuguese, French or German. It's much easier to follow the conversation when you can read captions in your native language.

Below, we'll show you how to translate live captions in google meets in real-time so you can see translated captions during your google meets to make it easier to understand things. You can then save the translated transcription along with the English version with Tactiq.

Enable translated captions

If you want to see and transcribe translated captions in google meet, you will need to enable these in your meet. You can do this easily with your Tactiq widget. Click the 'language' icon in your widget.

Now click 'Translated captions' here to enable translation.

Choose the translation language

In Google Meet, you can translate spoken English into Spanish, Portuguese, German and French translated captions. Select which of these languages you want to translate captions to.

This will be the same language the captions are translated into in the transcription document.

See the translated captions live in google meet

To see the translated captions live in your google meet, you need to enable show closed-captions. Click the CC button in the Tactiq widget to show/hide the live captions, and the translated live captions will show below the main window.

Save the translated transcription from google meet

You can save the translated transcription to review later with Tactiq. The Tactiq chrome extension will automatically save both the translated language and original English language transcripts.

View the translated transcription in Tactiq

You can find and review the google meet translated transcription in Tactiq by clicking on the blue document button in the widget here.

Or you can access them in your Tactiq account under the transcriptions tab. You can view the original transcript by scrolling down the transcription page and selecting EN.

View the translated transcript by selecting the language's initials (ES, FR, GR or PR).

Or a combined view of both the English and translated transcript.

Click combined to see both original and translated transcription

Sharing translated transcriptions

If you have others in your google meet who might benefit from the translated transcription, you can share the google doc with them via a link, email, confluence or dropbox by clicking share, selecting what to share and the sharing method.

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