This 200-word article will show you how to create custom meeting tags so you can mark up your Tactiq meeting transcriptions with what’s important to you and your team.

Even if that looks like this.

Adding new custom tags

Log into your Tactiq account (on the website), head over to the tags tab on the left and add a new tag. Once you’ve added a new tag, you’ll be able to start using it immediately with your Tactiq transcriptions.

Using your new custom tags

It’s as easy as choosing the emoji for your tag in the Tactiq transcription window on your meeting call, then letting Tactiq do the rest. Just like this.

You can also access your custom tags by clicking on the ⚙️ emoji on the right side of your tags in the transcription window.

You will be able to access these custom tags on both free and Tactiq Pro accounts.

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