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Changing the participant's name in a transcript
Changing the participant's name in a transcript

Edit name of the participant in the transcript

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At some point, you’ll find the need to edit the name of a speaker in your Tactiq transcripts.

This article will explain how you can easily change a speaker’s name inside the transcript page.

Step 1: Go to the transcript page

First, open the transcript page you want to edit.

Step 2: Locate the Engagement section

Locate the Engagement section on your transcript page where the speaker’s name is mentioned. To make the editing process easier, scan the page and look for the name to jump directly to it.

Step 3: Edit the speaker’s name

You will notice there is now an edit button next to each speaker's name in the Engagement section, these correlate to the speaker's name in the transcript. you can start editing the name.

When you click that button you can edit the speaker's name. This will then trickle down into the transcript itself.


In some of the transcripts on Tactiq you may notice that a meeting participant shows up as speaker or you may just want to change the speaker's name. You can now change this inside of the transcript page by following these steps.

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