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Understanding Tactiq plans and pricing
Understanding Tactiq plans and pricing

Know the features and benefits on each plan and choose the one best for you

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If you're ready to automate your meeting notes, streamline post-meeting workflow, and enhance team collaboration but are unsure which Tactiq plan is best for you, you’re in the right place.

Let's walk through everything you need to know about our Free, Pro, and Team plans - all designed to help you capture the value of every meeting.

At Tactiq, we believe in maximizing the potential of your meetings. Whether it’s through capturing meeting notes, generating actionable insights, or fostering seamless teamwork, Tactiq transforms your conversation into a clear path forward.

The Plans

  • Free: A great starting point to experience the core benefits of Tactiq, like real-time transcription and the latest Generative AI features.

  • Pro: Most popular for individuals, freelancers, solo consultants, and remote workers who don't work in team environments, requiring more than 10 meetings per month.

  • Team: Designed for teams from 2-100 members seeking unlimited meetings & AI credits, advanced collaboration, and centralized billing & admin capabilities.

The Pricing

  • Free: $0 or free forever. No credit card credit required to use this plan.

  • Pro: $12 per user per month. Save 33% when billed annually, i.e., $96 per user per year ($8 per user per month)

  • Team: $20 per user per month. Save 17% when billed annually, i.e., $200 per user per year ($16.7 per user per month)

Things to note

  • Each user needs their own license, and a team cannot share a Pro or Team license.

  • There is no limit to the number of users you can have in your team, and each team member can be on either of the plans depending on their requirements.

  • For centralized billing, team members have to be on the Team plan.

Now that you have an overview of the plans and their pricing. Let's look at these plans in further detail to help you decide the best one for you.

Which plan best suits me?

Before we dive deeper, consider the following:

  • How many meeting transcriptions do you need each month approximately?

  • How many transcripts do you need to use advanced generative AI features, like summary and action items, or ask AI questions based on the transcript?

  • If you work with a team, consider the above questions for each team member.

Free plan

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to try Tactiq for themselves, and hence, there are no limits on how long or how many team members can have a free Tactiq account.

You may use Tactiq's Free plan as long as you want, with a limit of 10 meetings and 5 AI credits per month. If you or a team member needs more monthly meetings and AI credits, they can be upgraded to the Team plan.

Pro plan

The Pro plan is suited for Individual users who need more than 10 meeting transcriptions per month and enhanced meeting productivity tools.

With unlimited meetings, you can get transcripts for all your meetings across the month without worrying about missing any critical information from any meeting. You can later use the advanced AI features on up to 10 transcripts per month.

Individual users on the Free plan can upgrade to the Pro plan directly by visiting the 'Billing' section in the navigation menu on the left.

Since Pro is a personal plan, it is not available for team members requesting an upgrade with their team admin. If you want to be on the Pro plan while being part of a team, you'll need to pay for it using your own card.

If you are a team admin, you will not be able to upgrade a team member to the Pro plan - they will have to do it personally. But you can upgrade them to the Team plan as discussed below.

Team plan

For team members and individual users who need unlimited meetings & AI credits per month, advanced collaboration, and centralized billing & admin capabilities.

Users on the Team plan can access Tactiq's best features, including unlimited AI-powered actions like detailed summaries, action items, and ask AI questions based on the transcript.

Free users in a team can request the team admin for an upgrade to the Team plan using the 'Request Upgrade' option.

If you are a team admin, you can upgrade a team member to the Team plan using the 'Upgrade to Team' option.

Individual users on the Free or Pro plan can upgrade directly to the Team plan by visiting the 'Billing' section in the navigation menu on the left.

Who Do I Pay for in Tactiq?

If you are an individual user, you only pay for yourself for the Pro or Team plan.

If you are a team admin, you pay for yourself and team members on the Team plan.

  • Mix and match Free and Team as per each member's needs - we're flexible!

  • You can see the status of your team member's plans (Free or Team) in your team's workspace accessed through the admin's account.

  • To access paid features, each team member needs their own license. This means a paid seat has to be bought for each user on the Team plan.

NOTE: One admin user can manage a team's Tactiq subscription with centralized billing. For centralized billing, the team members have to be on the Team plan. The admin user oversees each team member's plan type, all of which are included in one bill.

Free vs. Paid: What's the difference?

Feature comparison of different plans





Meeting Transcriptions (per month)




AI Credits (per month)




Upload Meeting Recordings

Upload Existing Transcripts

Share Transcripts (email and link)

Export Transcripts (pdf or txt)

1-click AI prompts

Ask AI questions

AI Meeting Kits

Speaker Engagement

Custom Auto-correct

Team Sharing Folder


Label Meetings


Custom Tags


Priority Support

Disable Automated Transcript Notification

(start of meeting)

Pause Automatic Transcription

(start of meeting)

Auto Share Transcripts with Team


Centralized Billing and Admin

Our Free Plan gives you access to all the core features:

  • 10 meeting transcriptions per month

  • 5 AI credits per month

  • Export to PDF or TXT

  • Speaker engagement

  • Custom auto-correct

  • Share transcripts

  • Auto-highlights

  • Label meetings

  • Screenshots

  • Custom tags

  • Team folder

Upgrading to a paid plan (Pro or Team) opens doors to advanced features:

  • Unlimited meeting transcriptions per month (Pro and Team)

  • Pause automatic transcription at the start of each meeting (Pro and Team)

  • Disable automated chat notification at the start of each meeting (Pro and Team)

  • Unlimited AI credits per month (Team only)

  • Auto share all your future transcripts with your team (Team only)

  • Centralized billing and admin (Team only)

All plans come with the popular integrations:

  • Google Meet

  • Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Drive

  • Confluence

  • Notion

  • Slack

Still unable to decide which plan you need? This table comparing the features in different plans should help you decide.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I share transcriptions without a paid plan?

    Absolutely! Share away using links or the share function on the Free plan.

  • Need more meetings and on the Free plan?

    Invite a friend! For every new Tactiq user who signs up through your invite or referral link, you’ll receive 5 additional meeting credits for the month.

  • Solo-preneurs: Which plan is for you?

    The Pro plan! It’s stuffed with features perfect for any individual’s workflow.

  • Need central billing for your team?

    Gather all team members under your Team workspace. Full instructions here.

  • Curious about your current plan?

    Your subscription details are just a click away on the Billing page here.

  • Where's the best place to peek at prices?

    Check out our fresh and transparent pricing here.

Enterprise queries?

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] for all your enterprise needs.

This article aims to shed light on our subscription structure. If you need more specific details or guidance, our friendly support is just an email away. Feel free to reach out at any time!

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