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Tactiq Slack Integration

Post Your Meeting Details in Slack

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With Tactiq's Slack integration, you can share your meeting notes to the channel of your choice and easily share insights in real-time. When those notes are sent to Slack, everyone on the team knows the key items and outcomes of the meeting.

What does it do:

  • Post highlights, decisions and questions from your Google Meet, Zoom to Slack;

  • Post links to transcriptions and summaries so that teammates can stay up to date with a single click

How to turn on Slack Integration:

How to use Tactiq Slack Integration to send transcript

  1. Click on any of the meetings in your list of meeting transcripts.

  2. Click on Share and Choose Slack:

  3. Then pick a channel where you want to send notes.

  4. See the new message in the selected Slack channel with the meeting details and a transcript:

You can read about the privacy of your data here.

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