What is an AI credit?

Everything you need to know about our AI credits

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Tactiq’s AI-powered meeting notes with GPT-4 Turbo allow you to automate post-meeting tasks like creating a meeting summary, highlights, actions, follow-up emails, or asking AI questions based on the meeting transcript. To use these features, you need AI credits.

What is an AI credit?

An AI credit is like a token that allows you to use the Generative AI features in Tactiq, like ‘Quick prompts’ and ‘Ask a question’ on your meeting transcripts.

We measure AI credits to monitor our computational capability and optimize our digital infrastructure for better AI services.

How are AI credits used?

AI credits are used each time you use our AI features and renew every month. We've kept it very simple - you only consume 1 AI credit per transcript, irrespective of the number of AI actions you take on it.

For example, 'Write a summary,' 'Generate action items,' and 'Ask a question' are 3 different AI actions, but they will only consume 1 AI credit on one transcript. Again, this is just an example, and you're not limited to 3 AI actions. You can use as many AI actions on a transcript as you'd like, and it’ll only cost you 1 AI credit per transcript. Isn't that amazing?

How can I monitor my AI credit usage?

You can monitor your AI credit usage in 3 places inside the app:

  1. Paid users can monitor their AI credit usage at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left

  2. All users can monitor their AI usage on any transcript next to AI Meeting Tools.

  3. All users can also monitor their AI credits' usage in the app's Billing section.

In either of these places, you can see how many AI credits you have left for the month before they renew again. You can upgrade your subscription plan using the 'Upgrade now' button if you need more AI credits.

How many AI credits are there on each subscription plan?

Each subscription plan has a certain number of AI credits that renew every month. If you exceed this number, you must upgrade your plan to keep using the AI features.

  • Tactiq’s Free plan comes with 5 AI Credits per month. This allows you to use the AI features on 5 transcripts each month.

  • Tactiq’s Pro plan comes with 10 AI Credits per month. This allows you to use the AI features on 10 transcripts each month.

  • Tactiq’s Team plan comes with unlimited AI Credits. This allows you to use the AI features on all your transcripts.

  • You can earn AI credits by referring Tactiq to friends and colleagues. Each successful sign-up adds 1 AI Credit per month to your account.

For further details on each of the subscription plans, visit https://tactiq.io/buy.

How can I get more AI credits?

To get unlimited AI credits, you can upgrade to the Team plan. You can purchase the Pro plan to get 10 AI credits per month. You can also get 1 AI credit per month for each successful sign-up through your personal referral link.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy additional AI credits separately as an add-on because we want to keep the subscription as simple as possible for our users, and we believe that the AI features are an integral part of the app, not just an add-on!

However, you can upgrade to the Team plan for unlimited AI credits by visiting the Billing page at https://app.tactiq.io/#/billing.

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