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Managing your team in Tactiq
Managing your team in Tactiq
How team accounts work, pricing and how to set up your team
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Work is better in teams.

Manage your team in Tactiq with Teams, including inviting team members, managing subscription plans & billing and ensuring your team gets the most out of Tactiq with team collaboration tools and integrations. This article shows you how to set up your Team in Tactiq, how to manage plans and centralise team billing.

Our team plans allow you to organise a team's bill under one license, managing each team member's access. It's a simpler way to manage how your team uses Tactiq. Our team plans also unlock team-sharing features to enable seamless sharing of Tactiq-captured information and transcriptions.

How to set up your team in Tactiq

Whilst our team plan is a paid plan, setting up your team in Tactiq is free. You can set up as many team members as you like on Tactiq Free plans, managed under your central team account. Then you can upgrade them at any time when necessary.

Add team-member users for free:

  1. Click “Invite team member - it's free”

  2. Enter team members' email addresses and they will receive an invite via email. You can enter multiple emails using a space or comma.

  3. You’ll now be the admin of this team, so if you upgrade team members to Pro plans you will manage their billing and access in your settings.

You can also share your invite link (eg via Slack or Teams) and anyone with this link will be added to your team.

Team workspace

In your team workspace, you can see all the members in your team on Tactiq, invite new team members and manage subscriptions.

The Plan column displays the status of each team member's current plan. From here you have the option to upgrade any individual team members or can buy multiple seats with the button above the column.

What happens after you add a team member

If your team member doesn't have an account with Tactiq yet, they will appear as 'pending' in your team until they sign up. When/if they have an account, they will appear as available in your team view.

Managing team members and their plans

Team members can stay on Tactiq's free plan for as long as you/they choose to. On our free plan, each team member gets 10 meeting transcriptions each month, and limited access to integrations with platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack.


When team members need more than 10 meetings transcribed each month, or you're noticing workflow friction in sharing Tactiq-captured meeting information across the team it might make sense to upgrade. Pro plans (paid) allow your team to collaborate on anything captured with Tactiq by sharing transcriptions, highlights and summaries seamlessly via Tactiq Teams or to team workspaces (like Team Google Drives, Dropbox, Confluence, Quip and more).

This can save team members time every day and ensures the team is across all the important information recorded with Tactiq.

Team plan features

Our full-featured Tactiq Team plan helps collaboration within distributed teams of more than 2 people and enables seamless sharing of productivity-vital meeting information:

  • Advanced team collaboration tools

  • Team folders for sharing transcriptions

  • Security controls

  • Admin Analytics

  • Automatic team sharing

  • Google Team Drive integration

  • Integrations to: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Confluence, Quip, Dropbox, Notion & Slack with Asana, ClickUp, Box and more coming

The Team plan helps organize collaboration within distributed teams of more than 2 people. If you and your colleagues need to work sharing Tactiq transcriptions and meetings notes this plan would be the way for you. All the members of the team are able to transcribe and edit meetings and can access and share transcriptions to integrated tools or via a shareable link.

Upgrading team members

To upgrade your team members to Tactiq Pro on a team plan first the team admin will need to upgrade to Tactiq Pro. You can do that on your subscription page here.

Once the admin has upgraded, you can then upgrade each team member individually, or purchase multiple seats for the team. Please note, that the billing details used in your team admins account will be the same used for the overall team account (ie. the same card will be charged for the team's total monthly or each annual bill).

Upgrading team members to Tactiq Pro costs the same as individually paid Tactiq Pro plans - $12 monthly or $96 annually per user (33% discount for the annual plan).

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