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Quick summary on our current paid plans, how to upgrade and downgrade your plan

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We offer three different pricing plans - Free, Pro, and Team plans for every type of user. Here, we'll learn about the plans and what it means to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Plan options

Each paid plan comes with certain features. It's possible to use Tactiq free indefinitely, depending on your needs, and it comes with certain limitations.

You can visit our pricing page to see a detailed comparison of all of our plans at https://tactiq.io/buy, but here's a quick overview 👇

Free Plan

Explore Tactiq to upgrade your meetings.

  • A great starting point to experience the core benefits of Tactiq, like real-time transcription and the latest Generative AI features.

  • It comes with a limit of 10 meetings and 5 AI credit per month.

  • You can enjoy transcribing your meetings without any time restrictions.

Pro Plan

For individuals, freelancers, solo consultants, and remote workers who don't work in team environments

  • Includes everything in the Free Plan. You'll get unlimited meetings + 10 AI Credits.

  • Disable Automated Transcript Notification

  • Auto-Pause Meeting Transcription

  • Priority Support

Team Plan

Designed for teams from 2-100 members

  • Includes everything in the Pro Plan. You'll also get unlimited AI credits and advanced collaboration.

  • Auto-share all your future transcripts with your team

  • Centralized billing and admin

Note ⭐️: Individual university students and teachers can apply for our educational discount plan. To get approved, first sign up on our platform, and then apply with your educational organization email address here

Enterprise Plan

For teams of more than 100+

  • If you're interested in learning about our pricing, please contact our team by filling out this form, or write to us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Upgrade your plan

To upgrade your plan, go to Tactiq on web.

  • Go to Accounts& Settings and click Billing in your sidebar, you will see the options to upgrade to the Pro or Team plan.

  • If you're upgrading from the Free plan to a Pro Plan, decide first whether you would like to pay a monthly or a yearly plan. Once you have selected your billing interval, you can either pay using the Pay By Card or PayPal method.

  • If you're upgrading from the Free plan to a Team plan, you will be redirected to our checkout page. Here you can select your preferred billing interval, if you have selected the monthly billing interval, and pay using the card method.

  • Once we've processed your payment, you will see a summary of your plan details on your Billing page.

If you upgrade your plan in the middle of a billing interval:

  • The new plan will take effect immediately and start a new billing period.

  • You will be charged immediately for the new plan. If you upgrade your plan from Pro to Team, the amount due will be reduced by a prorated amount based on the unused remaining credits in your previous billing period.


  • You save more when you decide to pay yearly. Learn and understand our pricing in more detail here.

  • Currently, we only offer card payment for the Team plan.

  • You can pay using a debit or credit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Link, or PayPal. Tactiq uses Stripe and PayPal to process payments.

Downgrade your plan

You can upgrade your plan whenever you want, and it's the same if you choose to downgrade.

  • Go to your Billing page in your sidebar, and scroll down to the section Billing Actions.

  • Select Cancel the subscription to downgrade your plan, your current plan will only be cancelled at the end of your billing interval. You'll still get to enjoy your current plan's features until then.

  • You can also downgrade your plan to Pro, by clicking Downgrade to Pro plan, if your current plan is a Team plan. This downgrade will take effect immediately.

  • While your subscription is still active, you can see a summary of your billing information and make changes anytime on your Billing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Free plan different from the other paid plan?

The paid plan comes with unlimited meeting transcriptions, which allows you to transcribe as many meetings at any duration as you would like.

The only difference between Pro plan and versus Team plan, is the number of AI credits you can have to ask meaningful insights into your meeting. The Team plan comes with unlimited AI credits, the Pro Plan comes with 10 limited AI credits.

Do you offer student discounts?

You get to enjoy a generous discount from us, once your application for our education plan has been approved. Just hop on to our platform and sign up using your education email address here

Can I use Tactiq for free?

Yes, you can! You can sign up for our free plan and use it indefinitely. This also applied to your team members.

You get to enjoy transcribing 10 meetings and use 5 AI credits each month to ask our AI to ensure you always take the right actions and get more out of your meetings.

Note: Unused remaining credits do not roll over to the next month. Your credits will reset on the same day you sign up with us. For example - If you sign up on the 15th of the month, both your meeting and AI credits will reset on the 15th of the next month.

How is pricing calculated for Pro Plan

If you upgrade your plan to one of our Pro plans, you will be charged a fee per user. The price per user is USD$12 for monthly billing or USD$96 for annual billing.

Individual users on the Free plan can upgrade to the Pro plan directly by visiting the Billing page in our sidebar.

How is pricing calculated for Team Plan

If you upgrade your plan to one of our Team plans, you will be charged a fee per user. The price per user is USD$20 for monthly billing, or USD$200 for annual billing.

Individual users who are an admin on the Free plan or Pro plan can upgrade to the Team plan directly by visiting the Billing page in our sidebar.

Can I upgrade to a Team plan if I am not an admin?

You can ask to request an upgrade to the Team plan next to your profile in the Team page. Only Team Admin or Billing Admin can help manage team's subscription.

Do you have monthly or annual billing options?

Yes! We offer monthly and annual billing options, and you get to save more with annual billing.

Pro: Save 33% when billed annually i.e., $96 per user per year ($8 per user per month)

Team: Save 17% when billed annually i.e., $200 per user per year ($16.7 per user per month)

How do I cancel my paid plan?

Your Tactiq subscription will automatically renew monthly or annually until you cancel it. To cancel your plan, simply go to the Billing page, and click Cancel the subscription. After you cancel your subscription, you'll have access to the paid features until your billing period ends.

Note: Team admin or Billing admin of the team can only cancel the team subscription.

Can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method anytime in the Billing page.

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