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Pause and Auto-Pause
Pause and Auto-Pause

How to choose what gets saved or how to skip the meeting

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In this article you will learn how to:


During the meeting, if you want to stop the transcription, you can use the Pause button:

After this, you will see that the transcription has stopped. You will have no way to get skipped parts back after you resume transcription.

This can come in handy when you want to skip transcribing the whole meeting altogether - if you Pause in the beginning.

Auto-pause (control meetings manually)

If you want to have finer control over what meetings to transcribe, you can turn on Pause by default using the Auto-pause Toggle in the Settings (available on the Pro Plan only).

This way you will have to manually un-pause every time you need a recording. Be careful as you may miss important meetings because of this!

Running out of meetings?

Whenever the transcription is not paused, you see the transcript is running. By default, after you are logged in, all transcripts are automatically saved.

If all your meeting transcripts were already used up you can:

  • upgrade for Tactiq Pro and remove the limitation altogether;

  • invite friends (by email or by sending them a link from the Invite page) - that will give you a month of Tactiq Pro trial and will permanently increase your credit limit;

  • delete some transcripts from this month in the app to get the transcripts back.

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