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How to share a transcript
How to share a transcript

How to share your meeting with other person using a link

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Just head to your transcription page and set click on the Share button and pick a Link option there:

Who can share meetings?

If you have a meeting on your list, then you can share it. You cannot re-share a meeting that was shared with you by another user unless it is a public link.

What can be shared?

As with any other sharing option, you can choose to share or not to share meeting details, highlights, and the entire transcript separately or together. You can also create several sharing links with different content.

Can I restrict who will be able to see what I shared?

Yes, you can add a list of emails to restrict viewing to users with those emails. If the recipients do not have Tactiq account, they will be able to sign up for free to view shared content.

Alternatively, you can create a public link that anybody can view.

Tactiq doesn't store my transcripts - what happens when I share them?

When you share a meeting with a Tactiq link, it will be stored in Tactiq to make this work. This does not affect any other meetings that you have.

Can I stop sharing?

Yes, at any time - just hit the "Stop Sharing" button on that transcript page.

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