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How to get translated transcript of Google Meet using captions in Spanish, Portuguese, French, GermanHow to Automatically Translate Google Meet in real-time
Share how you feel with emoji reactionsReact in meetings with Tactiq emoji reactions
How to save transcript in ConfluenceTactiq's Confluence integration set up
Translate Google Meet captions and save a translated transcriptLearn how to translate Google Meet captions in real-time and save the translated transcription with Tactiq
How to take a screenshot in Google Meet and ZoomCapture and share screenshots straight to your transcript.
Add personal notes during the meetingAdd notes during the meeting that are linked to the transcript, so your notes are always at hand when you need them.
Pause and Auto-PauseHow to choose what gets saved or how to skip the meeting
How to change your email address in Tactiq
How to use Tactiq with multiple Google accountsDo you have a work account and a personal account? Read on!
Get auto-save credits back by deleting saved transcriptsRefund Tactiq google meet transcription auto-save credits by deleting old transcripts
What to do if you get the message "We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service" when trying to install Tactiq?Troubleshoot Tactiq installation
Delete meeting that is in the processRefund auto-save credits by deleting meetings in progress
How to find which email I am signed into Tactiq with
How to sign into Tactiq with a different email address
How to move your meetings to another account
How to move your subscription plan to another account