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How to search on Tactiq
How to search on Tactiq

Search Options for Your Tactiq Meetings

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Tactiq empowers you to locate specific details within your meeting transcripts. Here's a quick guide to navigate the search functionalities:

Search Across All Meetings

To search for a specific topic or keywords, use the search option on the "My Meetings" page to locate a transcript.

  • On the Tactiq web app, navigate to the My Meetings tab on the left navigation bar.

  • Look for the search bar located at the top of the My Meetings page.

  • Enter relevant keywords related to any topic discussed in your meetings. This search bar enables you to find information across all your meeting transcripts.

Narrow Your Search with Filters

You can also refine your search using filters by clicking on the search bar to display the filter menu. Here are the available options:

Filter Category





Shows meetings most relevant to your search terms.

Newest First

Lists meetings from most recent to least recent.

Oldest First

Lists meetings from least recent to most recent.



Shows meetings that occurred on the current day.

Last 7 Days

Shows meetings that occurred within the past week.

Last 30 Days

Shows meetings that occurred within the past month.

Custom Date Range

Lets you select a specific date range using the calendar.


Enter participant name

Shows meetings only where that person was present.


Filter by Tags

Filters meetings by assigned tags for categorized searching.


Filter by Labels

Filters meetings by labels (user-created categories for organization).


Search by Language

Filters meetings conducted in a specific language.


Filter by Owner

Filters meetings by the person who initiated the recording.


Search by Platform

Filters meetings that took place on a specific platform (e.g., Google Meet, Zoom).


Filter by Spaces

Filters meetings by a specific Space within Tactiq (e.g., project, team, department).

Search Within a Specific Meeting

  • Select a specific meeting transcription from the list displayed on the My Meetings page.

  • Click on the search bar at the top of the page and enter the keywords you are looking for within the meeting.

💡 Note: The search bar on the My Meetings page is for searching across all your transcripts, while the search bar within a specific meeting only searches within the meeting's transcript.

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