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What's new: Save the chat, notify attendees and pause transcriptions
What's new: Save the chat, notify attendees and pause transcriptions

The 3 new features we built for you: July 2021

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Every week your feedback and ideas build a better Tactiq. That's why today we're excited to announce 3 new features inspired by you.


Save what happens in the chat

Links, comments, feedback - they all happen in your meet chat. When they do, now you can save them for reference later. Tactiq now saves everything posted in your meeting chat as it happens in the conversation.

All messages in your chat autosave to the Tactiq widget and Tactiq doc, recorded by message sender. You can turn this off anytime in your Tactiq widget.

Learn more about saving google meets chat here.

Let others know you're transcribing the meeting

Sometimes it's important to let others know they're being transcribed. Now you can notify meeting attendees that Tactiq is transcribing the meeting. Tactiq will send this message to everyone in the meeting via in-call chat:

All you have to do is click the privacy button in the Tactiq widget, then click send notification (but if users join after you send this, they won't see the message). It feels good to let people know.

Learn more about notifying others here.

Pause transcriptions at any time

Not everything needs transcribing - private conversations, personal stories, small talk. With our new pause button, you can pause your Tactiq to skip recording the fluff in your transcription doc.

When you need to go off the record, or don't need a record, click the pause button. Now your transcription won't record in your doc until you click unpause. Happy small talking!

Learn more about pausing transcriptions here.

Got an idea for what you want to see next?

Our founders read every single piece of feedback, request, idea - you name it. If you have something you think we should build (that would help you with how you use Tactiq), feel free to let by dropping a message in the chat or use the form.

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