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Save Webex transcripts with Tactiq Webex App
Save Webex transcripts with Tactiq Webex App
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Want to automatically save transcripts from your Webex so you can access and share them later? Now you can with Tactiq!

Tactiq for Webex autosaves all your Webex transcripts to your Google Docs and account so you can access, review or share them later. Here's how you set up Tactiq for Webex on your computer.

1: Install Tactiq for Webex

  1. Open the integrations page and click on Webex Integration.

  2. Click Connect button.

  3. Log in to Webex and Click Authorize.

    When you connect Webex to Tactiq you grant Tactiq access to your individual meeting recordings and transcripts so Tactiq can save the transcriptions to your Tactiq account and Google Docs.

2. Record your Webex meeting

Start recording the meeting when you are ready. Turn on the caption in the bottom left size of the Webex meeting UI.

3. Access your transcript.

Shortly after the meeting is over, your transcript will be automatically saved to your Tactiq account according:

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