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Stop or pause transcribing at or before a meeting
Stop or pause transcribing at or before a meeting

How to choose what gets saved or how to skip the transcribing of the meeting

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With Tactiq, we make it easy for you to hit the pause button, where there are parts of your conversation you do not want transcribed. This will stop the transcription process of these meetings.

So, where do I hit that pause button in Tactiq?

Stopping Tactiq from transcribing at the start or during the meeting

As soon as your meeting begins, Tactiq, by default, will take a few seconds to start transcribing. It should give you enough time to pause the transcribing at the start of the meeting.

1. Open up the Tactiq Widget

To click that ⏸️ Pause button, hit the "Cloud" icon in the minimised widget to open up the widget.

2. Click the Pause button at the bottom of the widget.

Click the ⏸️ Pause button, and this will help to stop the current conversation from being transcribed.

Just a heads up - Once you hit pause, unfortunately, there's no way to bring back the parts you skipped during transcription.

Tactiq will also display a notification to let you know that you have paused transcribing the meeting.

"Your transcript has been paused. To resume transcribing, click the Pause button again"

What if I would like to resume transcribing?

When you're ready to resume transcribing, just click the pause button again in Tactiq.

Your pause notification should disappear, letting you know Tactiq is back in action.

How do I stop transcribing before the meeting

If you want to have finer control over what meetings to transcribe before the start of the meeting, you can turn on Pause by default using the Auto-pause Toggle in the Settings (available only on the Pro & Team Plan).

Here is how to change the settings for the Auto-pause:

  1. Go to Settings > General

  2. Next to "Auto-Pause", toggle the button to enable.

By using this method, you will be able to manually start transcribing your meeting by un-pausing the ⏸️ Pause button.

Just a heads up again - Remember to check before the start of any conversation that you hit the ⏸️ Pause button to unpause, so that your conversations are being transcribed. Unfortunately, there's no way to bring back the unsaved transcription.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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