Save Zoom transcript with Tactiq Chrome Extension

  1. Install Tactiq Chrome Extension Head from here.

  2. If you already use Tactiq, you can turn on Tactiq for Zoom on the Integrations page by clicking on Zoom, then click + connect to allow Tactiq to run in your Zoom meeting.

  3. Either yourself or the meeting host needs to enable closed captioning in Zoom

Save meeting transcript

  1. By default Zoom Web version will be opened when you join Zoom Meeting, as Tactiq now supports only the Web Client.

  2. You'll see Tactiq widget in the Zoom meeting - expand it to see the transcript.

  3. The transcript will be automatically save in your Google Drive.

  4. You can find past meetings in the list of transcripts.

UPDATE: As of October 25th Tactiq for Zoom now works for all Zoom users! You won't need to request access.

Who has closed captioning?

Closed captions are available for every meeting participant if the host has enabled closed captioning.

How to enable closed captioning in Zoom

Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click "Settings"->"Meeting"->"In Meeting (Advanced)" and verify that Closed captioning is enabled.

Zoom Web Portal - Meeting Settings

If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it. If a verification dialogue box appears, click Enable to verify the change:

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