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Tactiq Google Calendar add-on
Tactiq Google Calendar add-on

Tactiq works in your workspace

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When you need to catch up on the context of a past meeting, you can now find and review your Tactiq transcriptions & summaries with one click in Google Calendar.

Find and review important insights, transcriptions and highlights from past meetings in your calendar with Tactiq's Google Workspace add-on for Google Calendar.

How to add Tactiq to your Google Workspace & Calendar

  1. Log-in to your Google account and tick these permissions to add Tactiq to your Google Calendar

  2. Done! When you next access your Google Calendar, you will see the Tactiq logo on the right sidebar. Click on this to access Tactiq in the calendar.

NOTE: if you want to install Tactiq for everyone in your organisation click “Domain Install” or send this article to your Workspace admin.

How to use Tactiq in your Calendar

  1. Click on the Tactiq logo in your right sidebar to open the Tactiq Google Calendar add-on and see all recent and previous transcriptions (see image above)

  2. Click on a past meeting in your calendar to pull-up the transcription. From here you can view or share the transcription (clicking will open the transcript or share page in Tactiq)

  3. If this is a recurring meeting or is similar to past meetings, Tactiq will also display other past or related transcriptions so you can catch-up and review context

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