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Learn how to get Tactiq Transcripts from MS Teams in your browser

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You need to have Tactiq Browser Extension installed - you can get it here. At the moment, we only support Web Clients for Microsoft Teams - so you will need to join the meetings from your browser.

Here is a quick video with the steps:

Follow these steps to get transcripts of MS Team call with Tactiq:

After installing, you need to check that Tactiq can work with MS Teams in your browser here:

Starting a meeting

Go to and click "Meet Now":

Joining a meeting

Click on the link in your calendar or email and click "Continue on this browser":

Check that Tactiq is working during the meeting

After you join the meeting, you will see Tactiq on the right side of the screen transcribing what is being said. You can minimise that widget if you find it distracting:


After the meeting (and even while it is still going), you can view your transcript at You can also edit it, highlight important parts, and share it with other participants.

If you run into any issues, please use the support chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. We're always there to help!

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