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Manage how team members join your Team in Tactiq
Manage how team members join your Team in Tactiq

Control whether users on the team’s domain can join automatically or not.

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At Tactiq, we understand the importance of having full control over who joins your team. It's crucial that your meeting transcripts and insights remain exclusive to the people you trust.

With that in mind, we've introduced a new feature that gives you the power to manage your team's membership more effectively.

If your team members share a common email domain, you can enable them to join your team automatically.

Allow users with the team’s domain to join automatically

Allow users with the team’s domain to join automatically (or not)

If you want your team members on the same email domain to join your Tactiq workspace automatically, keep the toggle ON as shown above. It simplifies the process by allowing anyone with your team's email domain to join the team without requiring an individual invitation

However, when you need tighter control, simply toggle this feature OFF to return to invitation-only membership.

How to enable or disable team members from joining your team in Tactiq automatically:

To manage this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings in the navigation menu.

  2. Go to the Team section in the Settings menu at the top.

  3. Locate the 'Allow users with the team’s domain to join automatically' option, as shown in the screenshot above.

  4. Toggle the switch ON to enable automatic team joining or OFF if you prefer to invite members personally.

That's it, it's that simple!

Your meetings and their outcomes are essential to your organizational progress.

Tactiq is here to support your meeting workflow preferences, whether they involve open collaboration or tight-knit, invite-only teams. Adjust your settings today and keep the productivity flowing just the way you want it.

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