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Share how you feel with emoji reactions
Share how you feel with emoji reactions

React in meetings with Tactiq emoji reactions

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How do you react to an awesome presentation or funny joke when you're on mute on Zoom or Google Meets?

Now you can react with Tactiq to let everyone else know they're doing a great job with emoji reactions. Here's how to use Tactiq emoji reactions to react with your coworkers, teachers, and friends.

How to use reactions in Google meet and Zoom

  1. Open a Google meet or Zoom on Google chrome and you should see the Tactiq react button in the top left corner.

2. Click react with Tactiq and choose your emoji

Now when you share how you feel with a reaction, all other Tactiq users in the meeting will see how you react!

Emoji Reaction in Google Meet

Who can see the reactions?

To see your reactions, everyone else in your meeting needs to be logged in Tactiq. Select 'send Tactiq link to chat' or 'copy link to clipboard' to invite others. Alternatively, you can select I don't care, but this means everyone won't see your reactions.

Invite others to see your reactions

If you click 'send Tactiq link to chat', Tactiq will share this short message

Remove reaction emoji

You can move the Reaction button to the main panel using the "Reactions widget position" in Setting:

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